Sometimes all you need is a to press the refresh button and change up the mana within your home. Perhaps you are in love with your furnishings, or don’t have a huge budget to buy new, but you know that you want to change it up to add to the health and well being of your family… this is where Spacializing comes in to play!

It’s simple really, here’s how we do it…

  • A on-site design consultation. As we go from room to room within your home, you will receive a consultation packed full of ideas that we can start to implement right away, or leave you to do at a later date as a DIY project to bring out your creative talents.

  • Design layout. I help you find & implement the best layout for your furnishings within your space. Our goal is to not only make it functional for everyone, but to also bring in visual peace, leaving your space feeling inviting and calming to the mind, body & soul.

  • Create a Pinterest page designed for your projects. If you are the DIY type, and just need a little outside help and direction, I can put together a Houzz or Pinterest page full of ideas and concepts that we discussed in your consultation, so that you can follow through with design projects at your own pace.

  • Cleaning & Organizing. De-cluttering and/or a deep cleaning can make a HUGE impact on the flow within your space, both visually and energetically, which ultimately leads to a healthier living space for the whole family. Clearing space for ultimate flow & function is our goal.

  • Curating furniture & art pieces throughout your home. Let me use my talents on seeing what you have that may just need a new space to dwell or a fresh coat of paint to revive the mana (energy) within your room or help you to realize that itʻs time to make a purchase of some new furnishing, decor or art collections.

  • Help you shop. If you decide that a new piece or a new collection of furniture or furnishings is in need, let us help you shop. With a knowledge base and relationships with both local & mainland stores that ship to Hawaii, we can help you minimize your time spent looking for the right solutions for your dream space.

  • Re-purpose, sell or donate.  Let me assist you with re-purposing a piece of furniture that works in your home, but just needs some love to bring it back to a place where you are in love with it all over again. - Selling a piece that no longer serves you or your space is more money to purchase what will make you happy and make sense for your lifestyle. - Donating is always a noble cause and we have contacts that help out our local people that may still be able to get a few more years out of a piece, as well as save it from our land fill!