This course is designed to lead you through the process of designing your own spaces with confidence, creativity, and manaful meaning for your overall health & wellbeing.
— kamaile puaoi

My signature design techniques stem from over 15 years of practicing Hawaiian healing modalities coupled with my childhood love of interior design. In my *Designing With Mana Coaching Program, I will teach and coach you through my unique design process of how to create beautiful & mana-ful spaces that enhance the overall health and well being within your home or business.

You will be learning to look at your home design, layout, and personal styling from a basis of understanding Mana. Mana is “a current of life that runs through all things”, and when you learn to apply that knowledge in design, you will easily be able to discern whether a specific belonging, spacial positioning, or the whole of a space itself, is working in your favor to benefit your highest self. Designing from this perspective will also allow you to creatively express yourself in a way that is a reflection of your soul. In addition you will be learning tips and techniques on subjects such as organizing, decluttering, design principals, spacializing & personal styling to assist you with making confident decisions when designing your spaces, leaving you with a gorgeous outcome.


In Home Design Workshop

(*Release date & pricing to be announced!)

Here’s a preview of what’s to come! Get your creative juices flowing!

  • 1 Hour of In Home or On Line Design Consultation - Allow me to get a personal feel for your home, family and lifestyle to better serve you on the journey of creating your sacred spaces.

    + the course will cover

  • Identifying Personal Style & Design Goals - Take a fun questionnaire to help define your style & design goals to get your project underway.

  • Spacializing Tips & Techniques - Learn how to make a difference in your home both visually and energetically with a few key tricks!

  • Designing with Mana* - My signature design techniques that teach you how to design from a platform of health and wellbeing for all whom will reside or be a guest in your home or place of business. Understanding the power, flow, and importance of mana within all things is key to designing a space that resonates with the highest vibration of self.

  • Unpacking the Clutter - Evaluate & assess your buying patterns, and learn how “less can be more”. More time, more energy, more space, more clarity, more creative opportunities, and way more FUN!

  • Delegating House Work - Great advice & tools on how to delegate responsibility in the household so everyone is happy.

  • Weaving in Intention - Thoughts become words, and words become action. Let the mana of the sound of a word, or the visual mana of a symbol become the intentional energy of the space you are creating.

  • Creating your Design Board - Learn how to hone in on your personal style, to marry the style of both partners, to use the power of organization and elimination to lead you to purchasing with confidence for your home decor projects.

  • Shopping, Buying & Shipping - I share my list of resources, as well as discounts (where applicable) to help you purchase with ease and confidence. If you live in Hawaii, I can also assist you with additional resources that will help to get your furnishings and decor here without breaking the bank.

  • Personal Care & Attention - This is important to me that you feel heard, and that you feel supported through this important process. Because health & wellbeing is at the base of all of my teaching and assistance, I offer my heartfelt support throughout your journey.

Need More Assistance?

No need to fret we have add on packages that will keep you on track and offer you more guided assistance along the way until your space is everything you dreamed of!