"When I assist in designing a space, I look at your property with a set of eyes that reflect my Hawaiian upbringing. I love learning about the specific use of the land and how it was used in days of old to gain inspiration from the roots that have already been established. I love hearing the stories of how your `ohana uniquely comes together within your home to create memories and carry out traditions, so that I can assist in giving life to spaces that will continue these practices. I want to know about how your family will need to adapt to the passing of time, so that we consider how your home will best serve your families needs now, but also in the future. The home is a sacred space to me and I want my clients to feel that their home is a place to recharge their mana (energy) both in the beginning and end of each day."

Kamaile Puaoi, Hawaiian Interior Design Consultant


Designing with Aloha

Let Noho Designs help you transform your space into your dream home. As a Hawaiian Interior Design Consultant, I design from my Hawaiian perspective & couple my talents with other professionals within the trade to assist you in co-creating a space that benefits the long lasting health and well being of your home & family and all those that come to visit.

Whether you are designing from scratch or remodeling a portion of your home, I can assist you in visualizing your ultimate space. From your initial consultation, I can help you hone in on your own personal design style, assist you with design concepts, provide design inspiration, & sketch out design concepts that will take you to the next phase of making your plans a reality. Let Noho Designs guide you in making your home a place of pono. (balance)