It's Tax Season! Is it time to clear your desk? 5 Simple Solutions to managing the Spring time clutter!

Organized clutter... hmmm... can it hurt or help you?

It's TAX SEASON! YUCK!! (in my opinion anyway) Tax season always reminds me that it is also SPRING TIME... ahhh... insert nice picture into my mind... bunnies, soft and cuddly bears holding chocolate candy filled with peanut butter, the 4 inch grass lawn that is hyper green and makes you want to frolic about in it's splendor, and yes, don't forget the happily decorated eggs skewed about the yard for unknown reasons other than it is a tradition that has been passed down from previous generations without question. (Unless you question everything like me lol!)

Happy thoughts...Happy mind... Happy Happy!

So how are these two pictures related? I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the place where we go to be creative, the place where we go to manage our budgets, the place where we go to sometimes escape and look at Pinterest for hours at a time conjuring up ideas for our future homes or vacations. Our DESKS, aka: Home office; Square table with chair in the dark corner of the room with a computer on it; Converted kitchen table to now re-imagined homework/do the bills station; Glamorous wooden roll top that you profess to roll up one of these days to deal with the paperwork packed in it's amazing cubby holes. No matter what shape or style your desk looks like, let's talk about making it look like a place where you want to "frolic" instead of run from. 

I figure that unless you are Einstein trying to figure out the next best thing to E=mc2 let's leave the "messy desk = genius" theory on the drafting table for now (pun intended!) Here are 5 simple tips to helping you achieve a little pono* in your home office and to jump start your annual Spring Cleaning Tradition!  I EMPOWER YOU to start your OWN traditions and take back the fun in your annual Spring rituals from clearing off your desk, to clearing off the mental burden of completing your taxes!

1 - Employ Your Children... Or your friend's children!

Since it is tax time, and we do have a moral obligation to teach our children the responsibility of managing finances, what better time to employ their help. If you have children of a learning age, who can help you sort through your mail, receipts, or paperwork, by all means employ them! Not only can you teach them along the way about managing finances and budgeting for tax season, but they too can reap the benefit of a cash reward back from the IRS (aka: You) when they learn how to organize those receipts and keep your desk visually pono*! Tip: Make it fun! Use colored envelopes or file folders. Or have them create their own art on the folders, one for each month of the year. Check out this article on how you might be able to write it off!

2 - Take a picture it lasts longer!

In regards to your taxes and the overly daunting task of sorting receipts, Entrepreneur Magazine sites a few great apps/companies who help to take the clutter off your desk by just taking a picture of your receipts and uploading them as you go! Check out, Expensify, Abukai, or Shoebox and compare all the headache saving programs they have to offer you in assisting with the VISUAL PEACE within your home office. Key is: MAKE TIME TO DO IT EACH WEEK OR AT THE END OF EACH MONTH so it doesn't pile up! - That means schedule it now into your iCAL!!!

3 - Sign up for paperless EVERYTHING where you can!

I posted a video on my IG about a month ago and one of the suggestions I offered was to go paperless. The less paper you have mailed to you, the less mental and physical clutter you have to deal with!

Did You Know?

• Worldwide the pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for 4% of all the world’s energy use.
• Over 60% of the roughly 17 billion cubic feet of timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and pulp.
• The paper industry uses more water to product a ton of product than any other industry.
• Discarded paper is a major component of many landfill sites, accounting for about 35% by weight of municipal solid waste.

Check out more facts on our paper consumption @ the paperlessproject.

4 - Have people over for Easter brunch!

I know your saying to yourself...'what does that have to do with cleaning?' - Guess what? The best motivator for the WHOLE FAMILY to help with your spring cleaning tradition is to invite people over. Find out how fast your husband realizes that the yard needs to be tidied up and how he is a natural motivator for the kids to get involved with clearing out the garage! (LOL)! The more the merrier, turn on the tunes and hand everyone a list and make it a game on whomever finishes first, *with the best inspection test, gets dinner of their choice! Nothing like having people over to motivate you and or your family to bust out your cleaning muscles... and like a work out, it may be a wee bit painful while doing it, but the results are always well worth the view!

5 - Don't skimp on supplies!

Taxes and deep cleaning are not always the best of times, but they need to be done for not only our peace of mind, but also to keep up with a healthy, balanced life on a physical and spiritual aspect as well. So please people... make it easier on yourself and buy the tools and supplies that you need, and if all possibly make it earth friendly! Go ahead, buy a proper filling cabinet and be happy with a system that will make your life easier on a daily basis! When cleaning use natural products whenever you can, if you need a recipe for making your own cleaning solutions visit my good friend Maile at, she's a mom who has been making her own potions for overall health for years and can help you cleanse not only the kitchen counters, but the mana* in your home as well!

I hoped I helped to motivate you to bring in good health, good vibes, and good cheer into your home this Spring! Stay tuned for my next blog featuring some of our Kailua home owners and how they find inspiration from day to day within their homes.

Much Aloha,


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*pono - balnace; alignment*mana - energy; life energy