Mental Inventory to Clarity of Mind

Last week we talked about just simply taking mental inventory of what is in your home. I invited you to sit with areas that you look at on a daily basis and rather than think about what you need to do to "fix" it, I wanted you to just observe how items or spaces made you feel. Checking in with your na'au and asking whether or not the situation serves your highest good anymore really helps you start the process of bringing pono back into your life from a spiritual basis, rather than always from a logical mindset. Recognizing how certain areas, items, placement of furniture, etc. can make you feel will ultimately help to motivate you to clear mana, vs. feeling overwhelmed with a room. Perhaps that item needs to just be dusted off and placed in a new corner, or maybe the picture that you purchased with your last partner needs to be donated to a new home. It can be a refreshing experience when you can recongnize why you have made certain attachments to the way things are set up in your home. Remember the goal is mental clarity within your environment so that you can make space for more creativity, which in my belief leads to spiritual growth! 

mental cluter kitchen


Clouds the mind. Affects your mood. Adds to mental stress.

Goal for the week:

Start by writing down YOUR COMMITMENT to MENTAL CLARITY within your home. Do this by simply sending a text to your partner, your best friend or writing an actual physical note with a pen to paper and pin it on your bulletin board or fridge to serve as your mantra for the month.

clean white kitchen


Using symmetry in your design allows the mind to relax, de-clutter and attain visual peace. - (photo credit: cute&co)

Secondly, I invite you to make advancements in bringing about MENTAL CLARITY within your home by starting with a smaller area. This week/month choose only one room, or even something as "small" as a daunting daily chore like the making sure the dishes are done and put away at the start of every day to bring visual peace into your world. This way you are building your "clearing/cleaning" muscles at a gradual pace just as you would with a health or exercise regime so as to not exhaust the mind and body all at once!  I was just telling my girlfriend this week, that my life is busy, busy, busy, and there are days where I have to choose between the dishes while the baby naps, or finishing work projects that have imminent deadlines, all of which adds to my mental clutter and brings underlying stress into my environment. 

(TIP:) So one of my tricks is, I set out a goal for the day, week, and or month and COMMIT to just one chore that I know will make me happy. Last month I decided that I would start by clearing, organizing, and re-designing the space within my son's room (which also doubles as my office). I put away his clothes, moved furniture around, used a different bedspread, and organized his toys. I was elated with the zen outcome of the room when I was finished! I chose this room, not only because I had been neglecting it for months, but also because I knew that this is an area that would be much easier for me to keep VISUALLY PEACEFUL.  I also knew that when it's not as tidy and the clean clothes are piled on the bed and need to be put away, I can close the door until I can schedule some time to get to it. Although, when it is clean but the rest of the house is littered with toys, dishes, laundry and a to-do list that wont stop playing over and over in my head, I just open the door to my son's room, look in and let go of any tension, breathe and say aaaaaahhh.  Believe it or not, all it takes for me is a small moment of VISUAL PEACE that can bring me MENTAL CLARITY and PEACE OF MIND, which ultimately allows me the chance to ho'omana and elevates my spirit. Feeling recharged, I am able to close the door again (so it stays that way lol), and move through my day to enjoy the laughter of my son, work on a project, or just enjoy the process of life unfolding as it should without judgment. 

*Mana - life energy (Chi)  *Pono - balance/alignment  *Na'au - gut/intuition  *Ho'omana - recharge/energize